al▓e our investment ties with the Port of Piraeus as a flagship projec▓t. China is rea

dy to import more quality agricultural products from Greece to provide our▓ consumers with more choices. We hope Greece will open its market wider to Chinese companies and products. This will make our partnership one of mutual ben▓efit.We need to step up Belt and Road cooperation with down-to-earth efforts, make the most of the location and shipping capacity of▓

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unities brought by Greece's joining the ▓China-CEEC cooperation, actively advance practical projects under the China-Europe Land-Sea Express Line, and contribute to the China-EU Connectivity Platform. This will make us front-runners in China-Europe cooperation.We need▓ to strengthen our cultural exchanges and cooperation, ensure the continued success of the Confucius Institute and China Cultural Center in Athens, and expand people▓-to-people exchanges to draw further strength from our time-honored civilizations. This will make us a model of dialog▓ue between civilizations.This year we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People'

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